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Halopack is the first cardboard food tray marketed in Europe for MAP and Skin packaging, and it's made with over 90% recycled cardboard. A highly sustainable pack with low economic, social and environmental impact. Boxmarche is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for the Italian market.


Paper Heart

The new food tray for MAP and Skin packaging that respects the product, the consumer and the environment.

Halopack 1523

1523 is the new Halopack containing 90% less plastic than current standard B5. Perfect for MAP and Skin packaging, 1523 is already available in three different heights: 15, 25 and 45 mm, all equipped with an easy-open system that allows the film to be quickly peeled off from cardboard.
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The Halopack Project

Halopack is the result of the partnership between Boxmarche and Packable B.V., and has already been chosen by the leading companies in the food industry. Being on the European market since 2015, Halopack is internationally patent-protected. Boxmarche is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for the Italian market.


Paper Heart

Halopack is made of 90% recycled cardboard and is a great alternative to the other plastic trays on the market, thus guaranteeing a high structural resistance. Halopack does not use additives or adhesives and is compatible with main tray-closing systems.


Long live the Shelf!

Meat, cheese, fish, main dishes and salads… The Halopack closing system EVOH barrier is designed to preserve or extend the shelf life of MAP- and Skin-packaged fresh food. Aimed at reducing food waste.


One-piece, but separable

The film can be easily peeled off from the cardboard, thus facilitating separate collection. Looks fun, but don’t forget it’s for a very serious cause.


Communicate, communicate, communicate

Not only does the cardboard boost the brand’s greenness, but also its communicative potential, as it can be printed on both sides.


Halopack in a nutshell

To sum up: all the benefits of Halopack in one infographic. Download the brochure here.


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