Special Projects

Out of the Box

When creations step out of ordinary production. Fully customer-customizable special packaging. These valuable projects drive our growth and our will to reinvent ourselves and look ahead.

Special Projects


Halopack® is the first foodstuff cardboard tray for Modified Atmosphere (MAP) and Skin packaging. This is the ultimate solution to cut down plastic consumption by more than 90%. Boxmarche is the exclusive Italian Halopack® paper partner.

Special Projects


Ecobox: the “everland” where no color is dumped into the environment.
Boxmarche’s system of modular recycling bins to improve separate collection of paper, plastic, glass, cans and general waste. To us, recycling is a way of getting closer to Nature. This innovative and original product is also a tool that can be used to raise environmental awareness amongst local communities and stakeholders. Create your own colored recycling system with Ecobox.

Special Projects

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