Bag In Box Vernissage

Let the Bag-in-Bag era begin

Vernissage is the first example of “bag-in-bag.” This is a striking example of Boxmarche’s ability to think outside the box: following customer's input, a product is developed that reinvents the bag-in-box as we know it. Special finishes, attention to detail and clean-cut on-line runnability have made of Vernissage an icon of style, elegance and design.

Bag In Box Vernissage
  • Customer: Oenoforos
  • Project: Boxmarche
  • Graphic: Oenoforos
  • Material: SUS board gr. 250
  • Dimension: 19 x 9 x 21 cm
  • Printing: CMYK
  • Special finishings: hot gold foil, UV varnishing

About the Project

With Vernissage, we wanted to combine bag-in-box practicality with edgy, appealing and eye-catching design, to immediately attract consumers’ attention. Especially female consumers’ one. Our search for elegance and sophistication was also extended to the selection of raw materials, artwork and finishes – hot gold foil printing matched with matt and glossy varnishes.

Bag In Box Vernissage

ECMA Pro Carton Award

“BiB system has been on the market for over 30 years, but this is the first time jury has seen something so innovative. Most wine boxes have a rectangular shape, but not Vernissage. Its unusual layout becomes valuable ally of an attractive design, thus taking this wine box to a whole new level and giving it a special appeal that speaks directly to female audience. Shelf impact is another feature not to overlook: the box was actually conceived to be a beautiful gift for dinner parties.
Vernissage redefines the concept of bag-in-box and ushers in the new bag-in-bag era.

Bag In Box Vernissage

Solid elegance

The pack contains 3 liters of wine, which means we had to select sturdy enough materials that could endure that type of weight. That’s why we opted for coupling a Kraft cardboard with a very thin corrugated carton to ensure good mechanical resistance without lessening visual attractiveness.

Bag In Box Vernissage

You can judge a product by its cover

Our will to faithfully reproduce a purse is mirrored by every technical and graphical details. The cotton braided handle, the side creases simulating a leather purse wrinkles, the gold foil inserts mimicking screws and bolts and the checked weave covered in matt varnish clashing with the black shiny corners. All of this is Vernissage Purse.

Bag In Box Vernissage

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