Innovation based on relationships

The TVS and Box Marche partnership is the perfect example of “packaging project”. Many high-quality paper products come from a relationship based on flexibility, consulting and organization skills delivered daily.

  • Customer: TVS
  • Business: nonstick pots and pans
  • Website:

Valuable Relationship

“We think of Boxmarche as a great partner, not just a vendor. For years, we have been able to find the right packaging solution due to their flexibility and professionalism. What makes Boxmarche different are its excellent planning abilities, quality production and timeliness. Its employees stand out for their passion and proactive behavior, thus adding value to our products.” Andrea Ugolini, TVS Product Development Manager


About TVS

TVS is an Italian company that has been manufacturing non-stick cookware for 50 years. Since 1968, the company is internationally renowned with operations in 65 countries around the globe. Its mission has remained unchanged since day one: creating and manufacturing state-of-the-art cookware able to adapt its design and functionality to the ever-changing consumers’ needs by introducing innovative features to enhance cooking experience.



Thanks to an ongoing research and development work and to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, TVS products represent the company’s cornerstone values: innovation, “Made in Italy”, functional design and all-round excellence, from raw-materials selection to manufacturing and management.


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