A wine (packaging) experience

Box Marche and Mondodelvino: a ten-year history of friendship, expertise, passion, taste and culture. From land to wine, from packaging to distribution. Piedmontese Group’s success lies in competitive revenues, strong cross-market presence and a plethora of prizes and certifications awarded for the top-quality, environmental, social and ethical sustainability of its products. Box Marche is proud for playing a part in its success by developing so many bag-in-box lines outstanding for their fine finishes, designs and functionality.

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Valuable relationship

“Box Marche is your customer value-generating partner. Making a name for yourself in the world of wine is key: that’s why we have chosen Box Marche, our reliable, meticulous and flexible partner supporting us for years in creating our BiBs. Attention to packaging finishes and the painstaking care put in each project are the essential qualities distinguishing their highly-skilled and proactive Team, with whom we built a relation based on mutual trust and support.
A meaningful partnership, meant to create innovation in time.”
Enrico Gobino, Mondodelvino Marketing Manager


About Mondodelvino

Mondodelvino was set up in 2013 as a holding made up of several wine companies; its story begins with MGM Mondo del Vino Srl. In 2002 it moved to Priocca and is joined by two Piedmontese wineries: Cuvage and Ricossa, followed by Romagna-based Poderi dal Nespoli winery and Sicilian Barone Montalto. In 2019, for the fourth year in a row, Mondodelvino SpA ranked among the 20 most successful Italian wine companies according to Mediobanca. Its success lies in the pioneering vision of Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb and Christoph Mack, whose collaboration gave birth to a new way of producing and selling top-quality Italian wines.



Mondodelvino’s special craft enables consumers to recall the very land from which wine is created, together with terroirs, varieties and wine-making traditions. Quality is at core of this vision. The group’s many national and international certifications guarantee high standards in all production stages: from harvesting to bottling, from marketing to packaging and distribution. Its certificates of excellence are matched by social sustainability, workplace safety, environmental and business ethics accreditations.


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