Mauro Chardonnay Bag In Box

Greater than the sum of its parts

Mauro Chardonnay is another example of how Boxmarche reinvented the classic BiB. Class, functionality and attention to detail make this pack a real collectible.

Mauro Chardonnay Bag In Box
  • Customer: Oenoforos
  • Project: Boxmarche
  • Graphic: Sofia Blomberg
  • Material: SUS board gr. 235
  • Printing: CMYK
  • Special finishings: gold hot foil, embossing

About the Project

Boxmarche was asked to develop a BiB that was different from all the others on the market: it had to fit inside a fridge. Thanks to its special shape, the box can be stored upright or laying on a side while wine can be poured directly from the dispensing tap without removing the box from the fridge.

Mauro Chardonnay Bag In Box

ECMA Pro Carton Award

“According to the jury, the key feature that made this product the clear category winner was its potential shelf impact. Whilst different bag-in-box have been designed before, this is still unique: its curved sides not only give the carton instant in-store appeal, but also make product picking and handling much easier and safer. It was pure appeal at first sight, so different from competitor products and so easy to pick up and open. A simply outstanding carton thing.”

Mauro Chardonnay Bag In Box

Form and Function

The special shape of the pack allows for an utterly innovative use of the box: this feature was appreciated by the producer to the extent that he decided to print the instructions for use directly on the package. The box shape generates a special visual effect on the shelf, which attracts consumers for its novelty within the wine retail sector. Its slim and elegant silhouette also reflects the wine’s character.

Mauro Chardonnay Bag In Box

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