Frusta Sorrentina thermal cardboard case

Taste spreads its wings

Hot... actually burning hot! Boxmarche has designed for brand owner Forno d’Asolo a special cardboard box for aircraft catering: a pack containing frozen food that can be heated up in a conventional oven without burning nor spoiling flavor.

Frusta Sorrentina thermal cardboard case
  • Customer: Forno D’Asolo
  • Project: Boxmarche
  • Graphic: Forno D’Asolo
  • Material: GC2 board gr. 290
  • Size: 22,5 x 6 x 4 cm
  • Printing: CMYK + hydro gloss varnish
  • Special finishing: “Press before baking” opening

About the Project:

Boxmarche’s goal was to develop a packaging out of a totally new and ground-breaking concept. Before heating up, you should push in the marked spots on the sides using your thumbs so as to avoid overpressure from the oven. After heating is done, you should just tear the central strip apart to open the box in two halves, one of which can be used to hold the sandwich with no risk of burns or stains. The cardboard undergoes a special treatment called “Jazz heat treatment” to create a heat barrier.

Frusta Sorrentina thermal cardboard case

ECMA Pro Carton Award

“According to the jury, it is a top-notch packaging that works well and guarantees the outcome for which it was designed, finding a brilliant solution to the critical problems that comes with hot food handling.”

Frusta Sorrentina thermal cardboard case

Packaging serving taste

Thanks to the mid tear-away strip, after heating up the box can be taken out of the oven and opened in two halves, one of which can be used to hold the heated sandwich. There are two small side holes which, when pressed, allow safe air releasing during heating, thus ruling out the risk of contamination during transport.

Frusta Sorrentina thermal cardboard case

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