Cocoa Book

A guide to sweetness

Chocolate, an ancient art full of wisdom being passed on through the ages. Boxmarche designed “Cocoa Book” to enshrine twelve chocolate delicacies created by Eraclea's master chocolatiers. Just like a collection of short stories, each chocolate bar takes us to faraway lands, inebriating us with exotic and enchanting flavors and pairings.

Cocoa Book
  • Customer: Ercom Eraclea
  • Project: Boxmarche
  • Graphic: Esedra
  • Material: SUS board gr. 360
  • Dimension: 30 x 28 x 3 cm
  • Printing: CMYK
  • Special finishing: glossy plastic effect

About the Project

The pack stands out in the point of sale and can be also used as display unit. Designed to resemble a book, the pack contains 12 different types of chocolate, each one wrapped in its own personalized paper.

Cocoa Book

ECMA Pro Carton Award

“According to the jury, the Cocoa Book concept and the finest quality of its print finishes make it the perfect marketing tool to increase Eraclea’s chocolate sales.”

Cocoa Book

Catalog or display ?

Cocoa Book is a sensory “catalog-display” of Eraclea’s chocolates, sporting bars with different colors, feelings, stories and info about their origin.

Cocoa Book

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