Vision, Values and Mission

All Valuable Actions

Our Passion turned into Mission. We play with paper, just like we used to as children. We print it in infinite colors and fold it to different needs and wishes. Feeling the workmanship on our fingertips is true tactile pleasure. We make ‘paper dreams’ and pack them up for you with love.

Vision, Values and Mission


Our Vision defines our motivation, what we aspire to be: the final target, shared and reachable, to which all our activities and decisions are aimed. Boxmarche’s motto: FROM THICK ASSETS TO THINKING ASSETS
We work hard to become leader in packaging and visual design cardboard solutions by offering cutting-edge, high-added value services in the European market.

Vision, Values and Mission


1. Customer first
2. Partnership
3. Company orientation
4. Organization
5. Respect for the People
6. Environment and Local Community
7. Quality
8. Capital Value
9. Continuing professional development “Kaizen”

Vision, Values and Mission


Our Mission stands on 4 pillars:
1. Be an Excellent Company to all interested parties – Clients, Vendors, Collaborators, Shareholders and Community;
2. Love our Clients and serve them passionately;
3. Surround ourselves with ethical, ground-breaking, curious, high-achieving People who are happy and proud to work for Boxmarche;
4. Keep increasing profit margins.

Vision, Values and Mission

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