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Our Storyteller

Since 2013, Next is Boxmarche’s “paper” tool speaking about people, packaging, community, environment, education, culture, tradition, history, art, memory, corporate community and all things belonging to those responsible men living these times with their eyes open. Every issue spins around these topics since they are the ones we are most curious and attentive about; they come from the mind and go straight for the heart, carried by the feelings for what we are truly into.


More than an house organ

Don’t call it “house organ”. Thanks to collaboration with many renowned “thinking pens”, Next became a tool to spread ideas, thoughts, concepts linked to Beauty, Art, Friendship, Passion, People, Life, Future. Next is a newspaper full of creativity to be read in many different angles and places. Next is written by Boxmarche’s friends for Boxmarche’s friends: curious, dynamic, creative, just like us.    


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