Succisa Virescit Foundation – Maria Baldassarri

For Maria, to rise again. Together.

The “Succisa Virescit Foundation - Maria Baldassarri” was officially established on Saturday morning, December 14. The foundation was named after Maria, a Box Marche long-time employee who passed away from an incurable disease a year ago.

Succisa Virescit Foundation – Maria Baldassarri

Succisa Virescit Foundation is officially established

Saturday, December 14, 2019

On the morning of Saturday, December 14 the “Succisa Virescit Foundation” was officially born at Box Marche headquarters. It was named after Maria, a Box Marche long-time employee who passed away from an incurable disease a year ago.

Attending founding members: Tonino and Nicola Dominici from Box Marche S.p.A., Tiziana Minelli, Giuliano and Luca De Minicis from Dmp Concept, Eros Gregorini, Anna Minelli, Sandro Paradisi from Paradisi S.r.l., Daniele Baldassarri, Giordano Cantori from Cantori S.r.l, Giovanni Rocchetti from Omce S.p.A., Cesare Tomassetti, Michela Sopranzi and Rita Bucchi.

Professor Fabio Ciceroni was elected Chairman of the Foundation.

During the ceremony, the Foundation official logo was introduced. Designed by Dmp Concept studio, the logo elegantly recaps the very identity of the foundation: a tree trunk that after being cut starts to grow back again, with newborn branches break through the enclosing frame and open up in a hug.

The Foundation is the natural outcome of many charitable, social and cultural initiatives that founding fellows have been sharing and promoting all along the region over the years, to support several worthy associations operating on national and international scale.

The “Succisa Virescit Foundation – Maria Baldassarri” is based in Corinaldo and it is a non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit organization. It exclusively pursues civic, charitable and social purposes and promotes economic development by fostering a responsible and sustainable business culture and facilitating a harmonious regional, community and environmental growth.

The Foundation aims at encouraging, supporting and organizing initiatives to foster full personal development from the financial, social, artistic and scientific point of view by nurturing and promoting a culture of solidarity and social responsibility also through charitable gifts.

The Foundation acknowledges work, inventiveness and creativity as core values and aims at supporting research and promoting good business and personal practices based on the ethical and sustainable use of planet’s natural resources and the respect of the fundamental human rights.

To achieve this, the Foundation intends to solely or mainly carry out the following activities of general interest:

organization and management of cultural, artistic and recreational activities, including activities, even publishing ones –  aimed to promote and spread the culture and practice of volunteering and other activities of general interest;

scientific research of particular social interest;

education, learning and professional training, as well as cultural and educational activities of social interest;

protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape;

actions and services to promote protection and improvement of environmental conditions and the conscious use of natural resources (with the exception of waste collecting and recycling activities);

charitable actions for disadvantaged people facing financial hardships or people with physical problems and disabilities and activities of general interest, both through free provision of goods and supply of services;

promoting culture of legality, peace among people, non-violence and unarmed defense;

fostering protection of human, civil, social and political rights, as well as the rights of consumers and users of the activities of general interest. Promoting equal opportunities and mutual aid initiatives, including time banks and solidarity purchasing groups.

All founding members were deeply satisfied with the establishment of the Foundation which, starting from early 2020, is bent to carry out new local projects by operating with a high sense of responsibility and broad cultural and social vision.

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