Living Company Report 2018

People, Passion and Packaging

Boxmarche's 50th Anniversary celebration goes on with the presentation of the Living Company Report 2018. “People, Passion and Packaging” is the theme of the evening featuring Box Marche’s employees, former employees, friends and acquaintances. It's the right time to hear how this Poema Operoso rolls on.

Living Company Report 2018

LRC 2018: Poema Operoso

Friday, July 5, 2019

50 years ago, Boxmarche was born. The years, the company managed to reinvent itself over the years and weave strong ties with the environment and the community.  On Friday, July 5, 2019 at 6 pm Boxmarche is releasing the Living Company Report 2018 (LCR), a worthy volume whereby the company, pioneer amongst the Italian SMEs, has been regularly publishing its Integrated Report – including annual financial statements, social and environmental reports and intellectual capital analysis.

The  “POEMA OPEROSOPersone, Passione, Packaging” event is a chance to celebrate the company’s milestone anniversary also through the emotional speeches of those who have contributed to the company’s development over the years. Local and regional authorities, entrepreneurs, clients and special guests attended the ceremony. Amongst others, the President of the Regional Council, Antonio Mastrovincenzo.  Also attending: Monsignor Franco Manenti (Bishop of Senigallia), Prof. Giulio Sapelli, Prof. Franco Rustichelli, Prof. Sabina Addamiano, Prof. Fabio Ciceroni, entrepreneurs from the Accademia della Tacchinella and representatives of local volunteering associations.

Born to supply shoe boxes to local footwear companies, Box Marche has increasingly diversified its production by gradually turning to different industry segments (food&beverage, household, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc.) and raising excellence bar in packaging manufacturing with nationally-awarded, widely-acknowledged, high-design products.

  • Living Company Report 2018 Boxmarche, July 5th 2019
Poema Operoso

People, Passion and Packaging

Watch the video of the Living Report congress
Living Company Report 2018

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