50 years of Boxmarche

1969 - 2019

50 years ago, on May 26, Boxmarche was born. Here are the words that Chairman Tonino Dominici used to describe the Poema Operoso ("Industrious Song") sung by the company. Looking back, being here and looking ahead.

50 years of Boxmarche

50 years… a bridge between past and future.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

50 years ago, the notion of a company – or better an “economic endeavor” – to become a valuable resource for the local community started to dawn on our ten founding members Angelo, Giacomo, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Lanfranco, Osvaldo and Nazzareno Baldassarri, Sesto Pierfederici, Nicola Bartera and Dino Berti.
Since the early days, founding members have been striving to shape a well-balanced company that could match at once financial responsibility – by generating value and profit – with corporate social responsibility, that is the ability and willingness to responsibly and skillfully run a sustainable business.
Company’s vision and mission were clear from day one: the vision set forth the strategic and economic goals of manufacturing quality packaging by means of advanced production methods and materials while also offering a wide range of consultancy services. The mission was to become an impeccable company and work with ethical, passionate and eager people who were proud to belong to it. People who love working together and love their customers.

Over the years, willingness and commitment have been singing this Poema Operoso. A song, or better a poem (from Latin pŏēsis and Greek ποιέω, ποίησις), an “ode” to the art of doing, building and creating well-being and development.  The seed of wisdom and foresight, carefully sown on good ground along fifty years, tenderly cultivated and watered by people’s passion, has grown and turned into what we now call an everlasting “Industrious Song” (Poema Operoso). Along the way, this song has been singing beauty, dignity of labor, self-awareness, trust, responsibility, creativity, love and hope.

Now, after 50 years of hard and rewarding work, we are ready to face what lies ahead with confidence, hope, positivity and enthusiasm.
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

We stand on solid ground, on a great civic and cultural heritage that supports us and gives us strength. We must nurture it and make sure it thrives.  The future we imagine is made of Environmental Awareness, Beauty and Creativity. It is only through People’s active commitment, the Passion we’ll put into achieving our shared goals and our ability to innovate our mindset and the way we do things that we can make that future real. Thinking and acting outside the box to offer unique products and services that make the difference.
We look at the future with a new sense of optimism and confidence. We hope this achievement will be a fresh start for a new life and opportunities to create well-being for everyone.

Sursum Corda. Lift up your hearts.

Tonino Dominici, Box Marche Chairman

  • Boxmarche 50 Poema Operoso: 1969 – 2019

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